So I buy some new heirlooms….

And I join a Gnomergan on my lowbie Rogue. We lose a tank so I tank trash while we wait. Everything is going fine until the last boss. The healer just doesn’t heal me, no one is stopping the bombs from exploding and I’m doing over twice the DPS of everyone in the group….I guess I figured the Priest would throw me a bubble or two since we were killing it so fast.

And I thought I was a princess healer. Peterunseen on Anvilmar, next time when you refuse to heal me because you think I am trying to “tank” know the mechanics of the damn boss and know that I was taking damage from the BOMBS!

Our conversation went a little something like this….

(I die right before boss drops….and Druid (tank) raises me)

Peterunseen : finally you died
Me : excuse me?
Peterunseen : diiiiiiiick
Me : I’m top dps I’m gonna take some damage
Me : learn to heal
Peterunseen : oh I know how to
Me : i have all main healers stfu (Me bringing out the bitchy princess healer in me out)
Peterunseen : I just don’t like non tanks acting like tanks
Me : i wasn’t
Me : i was dpsing
Me : my job thanks
Peterunseen : done here
Me : and I also helped you guys kill things when we didn’t have a tank
Peterunseen : lol
Me : gonna hate for that too?
Peterunseen : I was healing you when we didn’t
Peterunseen : peace
Me : jerk

So I reported him for calling me a dick. I hope he doesn’t plan to do raids where everyone takes damage because he’s in for a rude awakening.

One thought on “So I buy some new heirlooms….

  1. Nightvyxen says:

    I hope your report gives them some karma whoopass heehee

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